Sometimes it's not what is said, but how, that can change the way it's received.

Drawing on years of experience in voice work, film, television and theatre, I can often find just the right delivery for your message. Whether it's a simple announcement for an event, narration for a video, or a friendly voice for an online course, I can give it a voice.

Find out about the kinds of voice work I do, listen to some samples of my work, and when you're ready, get in touch.

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“Tim is a great talent and he delivers, big time, on a tale well told.”

Vince Milam
Author, "The New Guinea Job"
Brenda Columbus, Vice-President, Base Corp Learning Systems

“Our clients tell us Tim’s voice is perfect for their web-based training courses. He transmits authority, but with a lively, friendly style.”

Brenda Columbus
Vice-President, Base Corp Learning Systems

Larry Haas“Tim always gives us the right read for any video production. Our clients love the result.”

Larry Haas
Vice President, the idea factory!
Julie Drewniak

“Our client LOVES the sound of your voice...the type of voice you don’t want to strangle after listening to it for long periods of time.”

Julie Drewniak
Quality Assurance Supervisor, Base Corp Learning Systems

Clint Reese“From event announcements to narration, Tim’s our go-to guy for lots of projects. Consistent and versatile.”

Clint Reese
Owner, Invert 720 Productions

25e3d24“Tim is a virtual genius at creating new characters and voices. He’s not afraid to experiment, but stays true to a director's vision while still achieving it in novel ways.”
Ken Fast
Owner, Northern Rain Studio
Dale Shafer“Tim gave us the right voice for our safety orientation – serious but friendly, and always engaging.”
Dale Shafer
HS&ER Manager, Oil Sands at Nexen
1a7c428“Tim Dixon has a natural ability to understand a brand, and represent it accurately. ... He has a way with understanding our desired outcome, and always delivers what we need.”
Erin Vest
Marketing Director, EKpass

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